When you book a session with Bakhet Ma'aT Sat Ra, you will receive supported space, time, energy, and movement intended to raise your vibration to it's highest, intuitive, conscious frequency.

Zamani2Sasa Kemetic Centered Thought Remedy©, as ancestral technology, attends the perceptive, receptive, conceptive and intuitive consciousness of the divine Black Feminine Neter, to restore identity, self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

With this guided exploration of IN-VOLUTION, we attend:

The Black Mother Wound
Spiritual Assets & Limitations
Career & Financial Narratives
Family Narratives
Romantic Health
Sexual Health
Delusions of Shame/Guilt/Regret
Integrating Protective Rejection
Dismantling Competition
Critical voices within & without
Neter Healing
Restless Desires
Setting Boundaries
Sheut (Shadow) work
Race-Battle Fatigue
Politics of the "Sisterhood"
Substance Abuse Recovery

Nothing is wrong with Black Women, something has happened to us!

Please consider a donation to the Heart-Soul work of Kemetic Centered Thought Remedy©. Your support will allow Zamani2Sasa to continue creating outreach programs and materials across multiple platforms, and to offer partnerships to less-resourced women!

With a mindful exploration of the divine Black feminine principles set forth in the Cosmos, information can become transformation!
Bakhet Ma'aT Sat Ra has over 21 years of experience sponsoring recovering women, and men, of every ethnicity. Through shared insight and candid, honest feedback, based on the explicit experience of recovery, Bakhet has shared the rewards, and challenges of attending the 1st frequency Divine Black Feminine Principle, within and without.

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