Parasitic Whiteness: The mulatto moderator in the Black Family

Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has—a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which “white” people have a particular susceptibility. The condition is foundational, generating characteristic ways of being in one’s body, in one’s mind, and in one’s world. Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse. These deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples. Once established, these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate. - Moss



"All fled in different directions, except Sambo, who, presuming on the favor which the keeper had to him as a licensed wag, stood his ground, ducking his head with a facetious grin, whenever the master made a dive at him.

“Lor, Mas’r, ’tan’t us,—we ’s reglar stiddy,—it’s these yer new hands; they ’s real aggravatin’,—kinder pickin’ at us, all time!”

The keeper, at this, turned upon Tom and Adolph, and distributing a few kicks and cuffs without much inquiry, and leaving general orders for all to be good boys and go to sleep, left the apartment." - Uncle Toms Cabin or life among the lowly, H. B. Stowe

Light-Brite, next to white, but not quite.  Redbone.  High-yellow.  Purple-Black. Dark skinned, Light skinned. Quadroon. Octaroon. Maroon. Creole.  Mulatto.  Exotic.  Other.  

The BLACK AFRICAN is "Black" wherever he/she stands in the white-settler, unconscious delusion of a "universal social science".  This delusion of pigmentocracy (pictured above), is an outlier of proximity to the pervasive, deadly, contagious dis ease of whiteness in the Black African family and her HUEmen descendents.  A parasite depends on the manipulation of EsSenses, sight, smell, and sound, to effect domination of a host.  An ant parasite, will mimic the smell of food to direct it's host's attention where desired.

“You talk as if we were a parasite,” I said. Brooks shrugged his shoulders. The idea was fine with him. “A parasite that has no self-regulation is going to put itself out of existence and may take its host with it,” he said. “And the fact that most species on Earth are parasites tells us that hasn’t happened a lot." - Parasite Rex, zimmer.- Zimmer

"Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has—a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which “white” people have a particular susceptibility. The condition is foundational, generating characteristic ways of being in one’s body, in one’s mind, and in one’s world. Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse. These deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples. Once established, these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate." - D. Moss

"But parasitism, as Richard Dawkins pointed out, doesn’t have to take a conventional form like a tapeworm. Imagine an animal that could somehow trick another animal into raising its young. The tricker would be more likely to pass on its genes, while the trickee would have less time to tend to its own offspring and to its own genetic legacy." - Parasite Rex, zimmer

It is Tep Heseb, or accurate reckoning, to conclude, parasitism is driven by a fear of genetic annihilation, which corresponds to a vibration, or frequency.

The parasitic dis ease of proximity to whiteness is perpetuated through the EsSenses that discern frequencies of; light, sound, smell, taste, touch and vestibular identity, i.e., the identification of our bodies and minds in our environments.  The invasive frequency of this parasitic Netjur intends only to replicate itself and exploit future hosts, or generations. 

All the spectrum of creation holds a vibrational frequency.  The idiom, "As above, so below", can also refer to the doctrines of oppositional existence represented by the ying/yang symbol.  In proximity to "white noise", (noise -  Latin: nausea) the highest expression of Blackness, the primary vibration of creation or the unseen, is diminished, dis eased and dis ordered.

"Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates."--Tehuti.

Pure white noise sounds like that hissy “shhh” that happens when the TV or radio is tuned to an unused frequency. It’s a mixture of all the frequencies humans can hear (about 20 Hz to 20 kHz), fired off randomly with equal power at each—like 20,000 different tones all playing at the same time, mixed together in a constantly changing, unpredictable sonic stew. - The Atlantic, M. Neal

In Sorry to bother you, a film allowed to represent some Black voices in Hollywood, Ca., Lakeith Stanfield is guided by a Black african, elder, moderator to "use his white voice... not talking Will Smith–white,” he says. “I’m talking about the real deal.”  This investment in material (matrix), symbolic "realness", is at the heart of the character's conflict.  It is also at the intersection of the dis order and dis ease of what happened to the Black African family, in proximity to white-noise.

A pitch (substitute; vibration or tone),  is the position of a single sound/vibration, in a range of sounds/vibrations.  The pitch of Blackness is not audible to HUEmans and translates to a B-flat, in a musical scale that exists 57 octaves below a middle C.  In 2009, NASA astronomers observed ripples in the gas filling the Perseus galaxy cluster of Black holes.  The ripples were evidence of soundwaves emitted from central Blackness that extended hundreds of thousands of light years out.

At a frequency over a million billion times deeper than the limits of human hearing, this is the deepest note ever detected from an object in the Universe. - NASA

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White-settler scholarship has functionally acknowledged the highly melanated or Black African EsSenses, ability to conceive more of the vibrational spectrums of existence, as perceived by waves of sound, light, taste, et al.  The Black African eye sees deeper into the vibration of color, than it's progeny of HUEmens.  The Black African ear hears deeper into the vibration of sound than it's progeny, and so on.  Without the characteristic white weapon of "feelism", these symptomatic realities are foundational principles of observable Netjur.  Netjur is, irregardless of feelings.  

Tehuti explains to us that everything spirals from internal to external, and the essential state of the Creator [or blackness] as (Amun/Amen) is hidden, absolute, and undefinable which first "vibrates" and then moves into a state of existence before creation which is an undifferentiated state of potential -- or the primordial sea/ocean/Nun, (etymological origin of "NONE" & No One") a chaotic state[whiteness]. This is the process of creation, from non-vibratory to a vibratory state.

urim is derived from the Hebrew for ‘light’ or ‘to give light’, and thummim for ‘completeness’,

“Since zoology is concerned with the facts and principles of animal life, information obtained from the study of other animals is applicable to the human species.   All animals were driven by the need for food, shelter, and the chance to reproduce. In many cases, fear drove them to give up their freedom for some measure of security, only to be trapped in permanent dependency. Conspicuous among security-seeking animals were creatures such as clams, corals, and sea squirts, which anchored themselves to the ocean floor in order to filter the passing sea water for food. But none could compare with the parasites. Time after time in the history of life, free-living organisms had surrendered their liberty to become parasites in exchange for an escape from the dangers of life. Evolution then took them down a degenerate path. “When other food sources were insufficient, what would be easier than to feed upon the tissues of the host? The dependent animal is proverbially looking for the easy way.” - H. Stunkard

In proximity to the delusions of white-settler unconsciousness, many Black African families are infected by the diminishing intentions of parasitic belief in meritocracy and symbolic equity.  The axiological tone or pitch of the Black African is based in observation of Netjur, and animals in Netjur.  So below, is the white-settler unconsciousness and it's will to dominate Netjur through paradigms of animal husbandry.

The first 75 years of white-settler incursion of the America's is well documented through it's toxic relationship with the people and animals of these lands.  Angle- colonial husbandry preceived the land as untamed, and it's inhabitants as uncivilized.  To impose this delusion on it's hosts, white-settler unconsciousness promoted a scholarship of livestock and agricultural manipulation that produced a culture and society that commoditized Netjur. "... ‘classifying animals not just in terms of their utility but also their market value added a new dimension to the relationship of dominion. Putting a price on animals symbolized the conversion of creatures into commodities’ (Anderson, p. 68,)

This perversity continued into the hybridization of the Black African enslaved, to reflect the white-settler unconsciousness' preception of civility.  This obsession gave birth to the tradition of placage and the advent of the quadroon ball.

“Quadroon” Referred to women of color whose ancestry was supposedly mixed with only one quarter Black African blood. The term was popularized by President Jefferson, a white settler who never arranged to free his own black children, born by the enslaved Sally Hemmings.“ - AFROPUNK

As a result of proximal infection, lightly melanated, enslaved women with ‘good hair’ were more desired and worth more money (Byrd & Tharps, 2014). Women with these features would breed children with these features, who went for more money. When lawful enslavement was abolished, lighter skinned women and women with ‘good’ hair would try to ‘pass’, a term used to explain a Black African trying to ‘look white’ (Mullen, 1994; White, 2005; Rosette & Dumas, 2007; Robinson, 2011). Those who did not have a light enough skin complexion to ‘look white’ tried to adhere as best they could by straightening their hair, to become were ‘well adjusted’ and ‘good’ black women” (Mullen, 1994; Byrd & Tharps, 2014; White, 1994; Rosette & Dumas, 2007; Robinson, 2011).  

The angle identity of mulatto, spanish for mule, become a moderator position in the overarching struggle to control or eradicate the Black African in the Americas.  General George Washington was the first mule breeder of American record.  An avid proponent of schemes to dominate land, people and agriculture, Washington cannonized the mule as able to do much more, and hardier than horses. They also live longer under duress and eat less.  

"In the mid-1700s the best jackasses in the world were in Spain. They were animals of remarkable strength and endurance, which the monarch had long guarded by prohibiting their export. However, in 1784, the King of Spain, King Charles III, agreed to send two fine Spanish jacks and three jenny’s to General George Washington at Mount Vernon...In 1785, the census for Mount Vernon listed 130 working horses and no mules. By 1799, the year President Washington died; Mount Vernon listed 25 horses and 58 mules. By 1807, when Maury County was chartered, there was an estimated 855,000 mules in the U.S." (Bennet, 2012). 

At the same time, Jeremy Bentham, an agent of white-settler/angle scholarship, invented a social control mechanism, called Panopticon, the modern day prison.  The panopticon became the pervasive symbol of authority and discipline in white-settler unconsciousness. 

The basic principle for the design, which Bentham first completed in 1785, was to monitor the maximum number of prisoners with the fewest possible guards.  A panopticon is constructed with a central tower of guards, surrounded by a circular row of vertical prison cells.  

These two innovations in white-settler unconsciousness converged on the installation of the mulatto moderator as the answer to the negro problem.

The image to the right depicts how meritocracy beliefs moderate the Relationship between Playing SPENT (Sambo) and both Controllability Beliefs about Poverty and Attitudes toward the Poor (Black African) and How Controllability Beliefs Mediate the Relationship between Playing SPENT (Sambo) and Attitudes toward the Poor(Black African). *p< .01, p< .05, †p< .10, when you are asked for a donation on the street, or stewardship in the Black African family, moderated by the mulatto identity.

Roussos, Gina & Dovidio, John. (2016). Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace. 10. 10.5817/CP2016-2-3.

Central to this tyranny, is conditioning towards the merits of white-settler unconsciousness, or white supremacy.  Remember, the parasites only intention is to gain access and exposure to more hosts.  If capitualtion appears to provide liberty, the delusion is complete.  The fabric is undone with moderators sacrificing their legacy and expected divinity for the approval of their captors.  When Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey and Gabriel Prosser were planning and actualizing their revolts against slave masters, all of them were betrayed by other slaves, who felt their allegiance should be towards their slave master, rather than their prospect of being freed.  The privilige of the mulatto moderator is proportioned to their ability to moderate the attitudes, behaviours and conversations of the Black African.  

The latest innovation in the delusion of a universal social science, or a universal Black identity, is the EsSense based marketing of trans-humanism.  One only need to 'feel'' Black, in order to claim solidarity with the Black Afican experience. Similarly, one only need to 'feel'  HUEman, or female, despite mechanical and technological augmentation.  

The legacy of the intended infection of the mulatto moderator has resulted in a Blackish Privilige that is the 'Sambo' of Diasporic African liberty.  No more is this pronounced then in the betrayal of the Black family and Black motherhood, to white-settler derived, delusional, meritocratic beliefs.  

Vice  President Kamala Harris practicing privilige as mulatto moderator

"She was many miles past any neighborhood where she was personally known. If she should chance to meet any who knew her, she reflected that the well-known kindness of the family would be of itself a blind to suspicion, as making it an unlikely supposition that she could be a fugitive. As she was also so white as not to be known as of colored lineage, without a critical survey, and her child was white also, it was much easier for her to pass on unsuspected." - H. B. Stowe

After the systematic annihilation of every one of it's leaders, the first generations of Diasporic Black Africans, born outside of lawful bondage, quickly turned to assimilation, even fighting for the right to be free of their offspring, and submit their genetic legacy to the parasitic unconsciousness of white-settler teachers.  Soon, the social determinants of access to the mulatto moderator platform (Black Elite status), became an outlier of good hair and christianity

The meritocratic belief in symbolic, white-settler unconsciousness, as symptomatic reality, has degraded generations of Diasporic Black African Families.  The proliferation of mulatto moderator parents has only reinforced the white-settler unconscoious preception of Black African boys and girls as less desirable and worth less.  

Black African boys and girls are defined exclusively here as; those who are forced to review images, that look like them, of Black African bodies; burnt, beaten, raped, criminalized, lynched and shackled, every month, including February, as part of the pedagogy of American white-settler fragility, called slavery.

A Georgetown University study showing that black girls in the United States are perceived by adults as much less innocent than white girls has created a lot of buzz this summer. The study released last month, “Girlhood Interrupted: The Erasure of Black Girls’ Childhood,” identifies several well-researched reasons for the disparity. Black girls, according to the study, are adultified, sexualized and deemed overly aggressive from a young age.

This news was a shock to everyone but black mothers, who live with this truth every day.

Any black mother could’ve told the researchers that, from the time they are talking and walking, little black girls are deemed “fast,” a word synonymous with promiscuity. Their “attitudes” are frequent topics of conversation, while their “sassiness” is taken as a rebellious streak. And this is all before they reach elementary school. - The washington post

As expected of white-settler unconsciousness, the ability to interpret observable symptomatic reality, presents a premise that is incongruent with the Black African legacy of traumatic enslavement.  It is actually the "black" mulatto moderator mother of a Black African girl who deems her fast.  It is the "black" mulatto moderators of her family that are the first to declare her sassy or rebellious.  She then suffers under decades of tyrannical exposure to the image nation of white-settler unconsciousness in every product, event, place and person that participates or benefits from status quo American reality.

The epigenetic programming, in proximity to white-settler unconsciousness makes the degradation of ones own Black African offspring a habit that once avoided children being sold down the river.  

Today this axiology is reinforced by the inability of Black African elders to discern symbolic and symptomatic realities of Netjur.


This journey seeks a remedy that resists the contamination of symbolic attitudes, behaviours and conversations.  It is not an indictment of any individual, ethnicity or phenotype. A shadow unconsciousness can take any form!  Whiteness and white-settler unconsciousness are presented as nouns describing a vibration or frequency.  The contagious, pervasive, deadly symbolic consciousness of the white-settler ego condition, and I, do not discriminate.  The symbols used here are functional equivalents derived by the spiritual alKHemy of Tep Heseb, Sankofa, and GAGUT.

Specifically, symbolic white-settler unconsciousness is derived by symbols of thought that are:








If you are the parent, relative, elder or steward of a Black African child, and have access to the Blackish Privilge available to mulatto moderators, whether you choose to exercise that privilige or not, consider ways to acknowledge your experience of Diasporic Blackness, is not universal.

Until the Diaspora collectively releases the symbolic pardigms of Black African solidarity, permitted in the presence of white-settler unconsciousness, from the family dynamic, the Black African phenotype will continue to be hybridized, augmented, appropriated and misaligned with the delusions of universal social liberty.

As we continue to invest our Black African children in the white-settler pedagogies of unconsciousness and meritocracy, during this season of isolation, the technologies and image nations of white-settler unconsciousness will keep pace.  The pigmentocracy will fortify itself in new generations of ethnically ambiguous appearing members of the Black African Diaspora.

The half African-half Angle offspring generally displayed the physical characteristics of generations of raped Black African women.  The crooked homoerotic tendencies of the white-settler patriarchy (Jefferson), were realized through a tradition of placage, that served as a constant reminder of devious sex acts, with legally unprotected women.  The quadroon ball was a fetish ball.

Some of the most common myths include “mulatto” slave women were: “promiscuous harlots”, cruel, negligent as a mothers, fickle as a wives, passive, downtrodden, without moral codes,, subservient, and a resigned slave who contributed little to the cause of slave resistance.

”This traitorous kind of behavior falls under the category of mental illness. Such a person does not know who they are, where they came from, or what his/her people have done in the development of the world. In addition, if this person was raised among people of European descent, or conditioned or socialized by them, that individual is not only going to suffer from low self-esteem but believe the myth that people of European descent are the only human group to model after and emulate.
It will inspire certain individuals to write books that basically degrade people of Afrikan descent, while on the modern plantation owner's payroll.”

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